specializing in the evaluation + medical treatment of eating disorders

Medical Center for Eating Disorders is the first and only outpatient medical treatment center for eating disorders in the Houston area for all ages, children through adults!

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We dive in to understand each person’s story and how their eating disorder came to be and is impacting their lives. Our practice functions from a Health at Every Size (R) lens.

We are just one member on the team and work in conjunction with your therapist, dietitian, primary care doctor, and other clinicians.

We are advocates for sufferers of eating disorders and their loved ones and raise the level of awareness and understanding within the medical community and others about eating disorders. 


Dr. Tyson has specialized in the assessment and treatment of eating disorders for over 30 years. While his primary passion is treating those with eating disorders, he also enjoys teaching about and advocating for those with eating disorders.

edward p. tyson, md, CEDS-S


Jennifer has been a Physician Assistant for more than 13 years and found her passion for eating disorders while working for a residential treatment center in California. Since moving back home to Texas, she co-founded the Medical Center for Eating Disorders with Dr. Tyson in 2014.

jennifer nagel, pa-C

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While Medical Center for Eating Disorders is not in-network with any insurance panels, our services have been approved by all insurance companies.

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Returning patients can expect continued care, medical exams, and collaboration with their outpatient treatment team.

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Eating disorders can impact the whole body. Having a comprehensive medical evaluation is an essential step in treatment for an eating disorder.

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eating disorders are a complex illness that impact all systems of the body

If you are experiencing physical symptoms and are unsure if they are related to malnutrition, disordered eating, or an eating disorder, we compiled a list of some common symptoms related to eating disorders.

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